Why Romance?

Good question. Why have I chosen to review just Romance novels instead of a variety of genres?

It’s simply this: It was important to me to specialise within one genre, and it had to be the Romance genre for a number of reasons; the main one being I really do love them!

There are so many varied, different styles and tones within romance novels. They range from sort of dark and serious, to light, playful, and humorous. Please note I said ‘varied’, not ‘formulaic’. If they are ‘formulaic’, then they are in the same way that a mystery, or a western, or a [insert your favourite genre here]are ‘formulaic’. The covers and titles may look similar, but the contents definitely aren’t.

I am amazed at the sheer amount of research and effort that each author puts into writing a Romance. And that research can be for anything – from getting minute historical details right, to learning how it feels to bungee jump!

The thing is, I cannot tell you why you should read romances. I can only try to explain why I do. My hope is that this, as well as my love for them, comes through in my reviews.