Reclaimed by Her Rebel Knight by Jenni Fletcher

‘No! You said honesty was important to you, too. You said that you didn’t have any more secrets!’



Married to a perfect stranger
Reunited with her warrior husband
When Constance inherited her father’s lands she had no choice but to marry cold-hearted Matthew Wintour. He left her for the battlefield without even a wedding night. Five years later Matthew has returned―a valiant knight! But Constance is no longer a frightened girl. And this time she must reach out to discover the honourable man behind the armour and what pleasures await them in the marriage bed…



Hi everyone. I’m delighted to welcome you to my stop on the Reclaimed by Her Rebel Knight blog tour! I’m really thrilled to be part of this.

I really loved this book! Both for the storyline, and the time in which it is set. Reclaimed by Her Rebel Knight is set in the reign of King John, amid the backdrop of the barons revolt and the Magna Carta.

The hero, and heroine were married five years earlier, only they have never exchanged so much as a single word. Ever! Matthew left England as soon as the wedding was over, while Constance was sent to live with her uncle. The story begins as Constance’s life is once again disrupted, because Matthew has returned for her. However, the tables are soon turned, when Constance begins to disrupt the barriers he has carefully constructed around his heart.

Constance is a wonderful heroine. She’s hurt and bewildered by what she sees as Matthew’s rejection and abandonment of her five years ago. Orphaned, torn from the home she loves, married to a man who she thinks only wanted her inheritance, it’s not surprising she’s angry. Nevertheless, her integrity and sense of honour, together with her underlying strength, resilience, and courage enable her to treat Matthew better than she feels he deserves.

I fell in love with Matthew right from the start. His surprising offer at the beginning proves he is trustworthy, and causes him to stand far above the other men. He is honourable, loyal, and determined to do the right thing, regardless of what it could cost him. He does make many mistakes with Constance because of the secrets he’s keeping, but in spite of all this, his own sense of honour, integrity, courage, and strength are always apparent.

This is such a powerful story. We get a wonderful sense of that tentative, sometimes fearful, and intricate dance of two people who are learning to know, and trust one another, as they journey together towards healing, and wholeness.

Jenni Fletcher is one of the best Medieval romance authors I have ever read. She knows her history, her research is extensive and thorough, yet it isn’t intrusive. She creates a vivid and authentic sense of the time, by seamlessly weaving her knowledge into the book in a way that’s reminiscent of Nora Roberts. Ms Fletcher’s characters fairly leap off the page, and draw you into their lives – you really do care what happens to them. Her ability to write very evocative, vivid, and moving stories, her understanding of emotion, and what it means to be human, her ability to write flawed characters with skillful compassion, all combine to make Ms Fletcher one of Mills & Boon’s best. A definite auto-buy author.



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Author Bio:

Jenni Fletcher was born on the north coast of Scotland and now lives in Yorkshire where she writes historical romance novels set in several different eras. She studied English at Cambridge University before doing a PhD on Edwardian literature & psychology at Hull. She has been nominated for 3 RoNA awards and has a day-job teaching creative writing. In her spare time she loves baking, eating the results of baking and, obviously, reading.

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