About My Reviews

I am not a professional reviewer, or a professional blogger. I just love books, and started this blog as a way to give back to the authors. Because of this, I will always be open about where I got all books I review – whether I’ve personally bought them, borrowed them from a library, been given them as gifts, won them in a competition, or been fortunate to receive an ARC.

Reading is subjective, and I’ve heard it said that ten people can read the same book, yet it will be so different to each of them, it’s as if they’re reading different books. Because of this, I will always try to base my reviews round the book, what I liked/loved about it for example. Authors work hard, and they deserve our support, kindness, respect, and consideration, as well as honesty.

I am the sole creator and reviewer of Touch of Innocence, and all thoughts, opinions, and words are my own. Exceptions to this are: a book’s blurb; any odd quote from a book; any author bio; and anything similar. Copyright in any such instances belongs to and remains with the publishers, authors and so on.