The Lochmore Legacy: The Epilogue, Final Thoughts, and A Huge Thank You!


Secrets of a Highland Warrior contains a beautiful epilogue by Janice Preston. It’s poignant, emotional, and it brings us full circle. I’m so glad this was included because I felt it brought the whole series together, and provided closure. And honestly, it is so emotional I didn’t just have a lump in my throat, I really did cry.

The Lochmore Legacy has been a stunning series from start to finish. The authors have been outstanding. Every single one. Each story is a testament to their ability, skill, and excellence, and they’ve all brought the uniqueness evident in their other books, and which makes each one an auto-buy author. I’ve loved each story for its own sake, but also for the underlying mystery running through each one. A mystery which was actually revealed more as each subsequent book moved us back in time. It really has been a joy to read.

I have to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in this collaborative series: Mills & Boon for the concept, all of the editors and above all, the amazing authors who brought it all to life with such breath-taking skill.




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Secrets of a Highland Warrior by Nicole Locke

‘Are we done now?’ she asked. ‘I have more to read and you are in the way.’



The key to his past…
…lies with the enemy sharing his bed!
Part of The Lochmore Legacy: a Scottish castle through the ages! Rory Lochmore had expected to wage battle, to claim land and finally secure his standing within his clan… Instead he won a wife. A McCrieff wife. Their convenient marriage could unite the two long-feuding clans forever. But can a political alliance give way to a passion strong enough to stand the secrets of the past?



Well. Here we are. The final part of the Lochmore Legacy. I really can’t believe it’s finished. This series has been wonderful from start to finish. I will be doing a separate post to somehow bring together all my thoughts on this series, and this will include the epilogue at the end of Secrets of a Highland Warrior.

So. Secrets of a Highland Warrior. The last book in the Lochmore Legacy series, but in a way, it’s the start of the mystery. It is a marriage of convenience/enemies to lovers story, but it’s also not that straightforward. The McCrieffs and Lochmores have been enemies for generations, and this enmity has recently been exacerbated by the grant of ‘McCrieff land’ to the Lochmores by Edward I of England. The McCrieffs have ignored all Lochmore communication about this, and as a last resort, Clan heir Rory Lochmore goes to the McCrieff stronghold. Once there, it becomes clear that this ‘visit’ has been engineered by Frederick McCrieff, second in command to the Clan Chief, so that he can arrange a marriage between his daughter, Ailsa, and Rory.

I loved this book! It’s got everything: danger, secrets, intrigue, mystery, romance, complications, warring Scottish clans, an absolute dream of a hero …..

Ailsa McCrieff is a wonderful heroine. She’s the clan healer, caring, sensible, and very intelligent. However, she’s certainly no pushover – she’s also very feisty and wields a mean set of shears! She’s a perfect match for Rory.

Rory Lochmore is a pure dream of a hero. He’s strong, muscular, gentle, and thinks on his feet. Yet, underneath all this, he’s also very insecure. However, these insecurities don’t detract from his attraction, rather they add to it.

I first came across Nicole Locke through her ‘Lovers & Legends’ series, and in Rory and Ailsa’s story, she’s brought all the things I love about her books. There’s lots of snark, sparring, banter, and warring between the couple. Her wonderful descriptions, accurate sense of the age, clan life and warfare, her ability to weave in a sense of intrigue, and danger, all combine to build up tension, heighten our emotions, and serve up a truly satisfying read.


(Reviews for the other books in the Lochmore Legacy series can be found here, here, and here)



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Author Bio:

Nicole Locke is the author of Harlequin Mills and Boon Lovers and Legends and The Lochmore Legacy series. 

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A Runaway Bride For The Highlander by Elisabeth Hobbes

‘She looked unearthly, pale face surrounded by darkness. The ghost he had thought she was.’



Lost in the Highlands
Found by the Scottish Earl!
Part of The Lochmore Legacy: a Scottish castle through the ages! Far from her home in France, Marguerite Vallon escapes her arranged marriage to a man she despises. Stowing away in a stranger’s cart, she finds herself headed deep into the Highlands with Ewan Lochmore, new Earl of Glenarris! Ewan vows to protect her. But maybe the freedom Marguerite has been searching for can be found with this rugged warrior…



Before I get to the review, is it okay if I comment on the book cover first? Oh my goodness, it is gorgeous! I love the pose, the style of the dress, and the colour. That I love the colour is actually surprising, because I’m a Taurus and we all know we’re supposed to hate red!

Now for the story, which I loved very much. It’s straightforward enough; Marguerite Vallon is being used as a pawn by her father, and has been sent to Scotland to marry Duncan McCrieff, who she’s never met. This isn’t an ‘Arranged Marriage’ story though, for me, this is a ‘Transformation’ story. Marguerite runs away from McCrieff by hiding herself in the cart of Ewan Lochmore, which causes problems as he is the hated rival of the McCrieffs. Naturally, she is discovered, and the story then becomes a beautiful blend of integrity, clan rivalry, suspicion, and longing.

I really love Marguerite. When we first meet her, she’s almost like a ghost, fading into the background, and in fact Ewan does at first mistake her for one. Her inner journey is reflected outwardly by a clever use of colour (clothing) as she transforms from being insubstantial to corporeal. Her name too reflects this, as it’s French for the Oxeye Daisy, and just like a daisy unfurls its face to the sun, Marguerite slowly unfurls to Ewan. It really is a joy to experience this transformation with her.

Ewan on the other hand, is a Scottish highlander, the complete opposite of French Marguerite. He is a physically strong man, though learned, but his position and title of the Earl of Glenarris has been thrust upon him unexpectedly, and he feels he is untried in the eyes of his people. Ewan’s journey to becoming the Earl in truth, is an other joy to experience. His decisions about Marguerite, his care for her and his people, his interaction with her, all reflect his inner growth in becoming. I love him!

It’s no secret I love Elisabeth Hobbes. She’s the author responsible for causing me to fall  back in love with Mills & Boon Historical, after about 10 years of being disillusioned with romance novels in general. I love the way she evokes mood, atmosphere and a genuine sense of the era. Her research, attention to detail, sense of humour, and ability to tell a story, all combine to make her an excellent author time and again. Her characters and their stories are always ‘real’, and true to the age, while still retaining the sense of romance and glamour that are the hallmark of Mills & Boon.

This is the third book in the Lochmore Series, (reviews of the first two can be found here and here). I really am loving the unfolding of this shared mystery. I didn’t think it would work, but a little piece of the puzzle slots into place as each subsequent book moves us backwards through time.


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Author Bio:

Elisabeth’s writing career began when she entered her first novel into Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write contest in 2013 and finished in third place. She was offered a two-book contract and hasn’t looked back.
Elisabeth also works as a Primary school teacher but she’d rather be writing full time because unlike five year olds, her characters generally do what she tells them. When she isn’t writing, she spends most of her spare time reading and is a pro at cooking one-handed while holding a book. She loves historical fiction and has a fondness for dark haired, bearded heroes.
Elisabeth enjoys skiing, singing, and exploring tourist attractions with her family. Her children are resigned to spending their weekends visiting the past. She loves hot and sour soup and ginger mojitos – but not at the same time!
She lives in Cheshire with her husband, two children and two cats with ridiculous names because the car broke down there in 1999 and she never left.

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Disclaimer: I received this as a free digital copy from the author, in return for an honest review, and also in paperback as part of my paid subscription for the Mills & Boon Historical bookclub.